Ski repair / ski service

Our skilled personnel bring your equipment up to date using the newest Montana-Crystal-Glide- Finish-Technology, so that your enjoyment and safety is guaranteed with skiing.

Our renting equipment is constantly maintained, so that every customer gets a first-class product.


If you want to liven up your own skking equipment then our shop is your solution.

Our ski service includes:

  • Grinding of a new structure, waxing and tuning of the edges
  • Cleaning of the coat and waxing by hand
  • mechanical waxing
  • Finishing of the edges
  • Adjusting of the binding - according to ISO
  • Installation of the binding
  • Different types of repair (material excluded)

Ski safety check

The safeguards for binding releases implemented by us in the South Tyrol within the last few years reveals a terrifying picture: Over 97% of all binding releases are outside the legal standard and mean, therefore, a significantly increased safety risk for the skier! This risk can be reduced by the electronic binding adjustment offered by us.